Standard Poured Concrete Installation

We offer a seamless poured concrete installation process. First, we measure the area receiving the concrete. (Excavation may or may not be required beforehand.) Next, we level the area and slope if needed. We then frame the area and ensure it’s ready to receive fresh concrete.

Note that your concrete is installed over a solid, well-drained base and topped off with a brushed or smooth finish. It is during this time that control joints may be added—within 24 hours, before completing any finish troweling or saw cuts—in order to mitigate cracking. Lastly, a curing sealer is applied.

A word of caution: while at this point your concrete is set and may appear hard, it is NOT yet cured and still susceptible to cracking, shrinkage, and underdeveloped strength or durability. You may walk on it during this time, but that is all.

In 7 days, the concrete will be partially cured and ready for light use. Your new concrete surface will be fully cured in 28 days. This means it will be strong, durable, and equipped to handle normal use.