Stamped Concrete Services

Stamped concrete is an embossed concrete texture or pattern that replicates natural building products like slate, stone, tile, wood, or flagstone. Often used in hardscape projects and architectural design, it is easy to maintain and can increase the value of your home by approximately 15%.

This service also requires an in-person consultation to discuss your vision, patterns, textures, and colors. Options for cost-effective solutions may be offered at the customer’s request. On our end, we will study your property and deliver a bespoke result that will stand the test of time.

Patios, porches, sidewalks, slabs, and driveways are some of the most popular surfaces for receiving this application. We also install slabs of different sizes with the utmost accuracy and precision, which makes for a perfect finish.

The Installation Process

This installation process is intensive and requires patience. Stamped concrete is installed in a similar way to standard poured concrete, with the exception of a few minor adjustments and additional steps.

The subgrade is prepared using CA-6 or CA-7 gravel and lightly dampened with water. Poured concrete is then installed with added pigment dye that colors the entire volume of the concrete. A color hardener is applied in the following step and troweled into the concrete. The stamping process begins in this stage by
placing impressions into the concrete surface (by using a powder or liquid release that prevents the pads from adhering to the top layer of the freshly-poured concrete).

This is where your vision or design starts to take shape. 24 hours after the installation, your concrete surface will receive a saw cut, a light washing, and the application of an accent color to enhance the texture and overall hue. Once the accent color has hardened, curing sealer is applied per manufacturer instructions.

28-30 days later, the concrete surface will receive a beautifying sealer, which includes the customer’s preferred gloss. At this point, the colors and dyes appear in their final, polished state and are protected from
the elements. You may now begin enjoying your new decorative stamped concrete.